Welk Aviation’s ACA PRO division worked with Gear 6 Productions on a special aerial project for the Discovery Cube Los Angeles and the DWP. Gear 6 was hired to produce a theater based simulator aerial ride of the California Aqueduct system that would start at the origin of the water source Mount Whitney and the guests of the Discovery Cube would ride along until the end of the aqueduct in Los Angeles. It was a challenging aerial production that took six days to film over two months.

The ACA PRO team of Production Pilot Dan Rudert and Aerial Director of Photography Carston Bell worked with Gear 6 Director Chris Pyle and Executive Producer Paul Wagner and together took on one of the most challenging aerial productions ever undertaken by ACA PRO. From the start the vision was to create a ride simulation that the theater guests would believe they are onboard for the ride. For the production ACA PRO provided Gear 6 its latest generation in stabilized camera systems the GSS 520. The GSS 520 camera is capable of being configured with several 2K and 4K cameras and for Gear 6 it was configured with a RED EPIC camera and a variety of lenses. Production Pilot Dan Rudert flew the helicopter within a few feet off of ground in certain areas to give the viewer the most dramatic and a real sensation of flight. DP Carston Bell composed the incredible shots seen in the simulation ride. Here is a sample of their work:
LA Aqueduct

And from the team at Gear 6:
“Welk Aviation has exceeded our expectations in aerial cinematography. Their expert pilots are second to none, making our team feel safe even while aggressively pursuing the tough shots. In tandem with our creative team, Welk cinematographers have the latest stabilization systems at their fingertips to get clean, smooth and dynamic footage. But what we like the most…the Welk team is personable, friendly, dependable and a whole lot of fun to work with.”

Paul Wagner
Executive Producer
Gear 6