SUMMARY: Welk Aviation/Angel City Air is seeking candidates for our Southern California operations. We are looking for experienced aerial reporter/photographers to operate on-board ENG equipment (camera systems, radios, microwave transmitter, recording devices) to capture and verbally report on news events. When at base, monitors scanners and online news sources for newsworthy events. Knowledge of the Southern California area and the Los Angeles area.


  • The Aerial Photographer/Reporter must competently operate all aerial geo stabilized camera systems (Cineflex V14, Shotover, GSS and Flir Ultra Media) and capture news events as requested by assigned stations, ACA/Welk Aviation clients or ACA/Welk Aviation management.
  • The position might require live or taped reporting of news events, depending on station.
  • Operate microwave transmission systems, 2-way radio systems, and establish live microwave signals to stations or other receivers, operate video recording devices as listed in the job requirements.
  • Clearly communicate and direct pilot regarding priority and location of news events.
  • Must operate and monitor police and other agency scanners as well as online news sources (Twitter, etc.) during scheduled shifts for the monitoring of possible news events and report those events to station assigned clients.
  • Carry out assignments given by ACA/Welk Aviation news clients or ACA management these include but not limited to: aerial photography and possible reporting of news events, entertainment events, production events and other duties outlined by ACA/Welk Aviation management.


3 years’ minimum experience in broadcast and production aerial newsgathering.

Knowledge and operation competence of Cineflex, GSS and Flir camera systems.

Understanding of Radio Microwave technologies from IMT, Radio Microwave, Strata

Knowledge and operation competence of video recording systems: Beta SP, XDCAM, Nano Flash, PIX

Ability to efficiently operate and monitor scanners and 2way radio systems.
Reporter skills a plus, or required, depending on job listing.

Knowledge of the geographical environs of the job opening with emphasis on maps and navigation.

Ability to multi-task in high stress situations a must.

Must be willing to work various shifts and possible weekends and on-call including overtime.

Eye-hand coordination while listening to scanners and multiple audio inputs
Ability to carry 30lbs

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